Gothic 1: Where to find Nek

Gothic 1: Where to find Nek

Published 10/30/2021
Updated 08/21/2022

Where to find Nek to complete the "Vanished Guard" quest from Sly at the Old Camp

In the Old Camp you will meet Sly, he will ask you to find Nek, a vanished guard. He will give you some hints, but it is not so easy to find the right place.

You need to exit the camp from the stone entrance to the South, run exactly in front of you, towards the rock wall, where you will see a small cave guarded by some molerats. On the ground, you will see several mushrooms. Inside the cave you will find Nek, and also some items to collect.

It is very important that you collect the necklace from Nek's body in order to complete the mission, because you'll need to deliver it to Sly.

Where to find Nek
Where to find Nek (Youtube)

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