Elex 2: How to open Skibor's safe by finding the audio log

Elex 2: How to open Skibor's safe by finding the audio log

Published 03/16/2022
Updated 08/16/2022

How to open Skibor's Safe

To find it quickly just watch our short video or the screenshot below:

Elex 2 - How to open Skibor's Safe
Elex 2 - How to open Skibor's Safe (Youtube)

If you already found the safe, in the room with Zarik, you are probably looking for the code. I don't blame you, it's not so easy to find. With the safe behind you, reach the other side of the room, on a shelf you will find an audio log. To be able to pick it up you really need to stand exactly in front of it, like in this picture:

Jax is in front of the audio log we have to pick up
Position of Skibor's Audio Log

Listen to the audio log and report to Zarik, he will tell you the missing numbers.

The code to open the safe

If you really are in a hurry, then the code is 2314: you will find some Cleric's clothing inside. In any case, you will have a little surprise later when you report to Irissa.

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